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Is Your Browser For Online Banking Up To Date?

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Chances are you’re reading this in an internet browser – a program on your computer or app on your mobile device that lets you access the world wide web. Browsers are some of the most important software we use. A browser lets you view and interact with websites, including websites that contain sensitive information like online banking at Royal Credit Union. If you’re using an outdated browser, you could be putting your security at risk.

Updating Your Browser Is A Smart Security Habit

Security standards are always improving. Keeping your browser up to date helps ensure that you get the latest patches and protections. Browser updates also help ensure that you can continue to use your favorite websites as intended. If the sites you visit include personal or financial information, like Royal Credit Union’s online banking, security is even more important. Using an outdated browser could allow a malicious person to snoop through your information or steal your login credentials. Armed with this information, a fraudster could carry out an unauthorized transaction on your accounts or impersonate you to apply for a new loan.

Modern internet browsers include automatic updates. You may be tempted to turn off these automatic updates, thinking that your browser is working fine as it is. But if a new security fix is released for your browser, not getting that update automatically can put you at risk. As a best practice, leave automatic browser updates turned on, and accept any browser update prompts.

Making Sure Your Browser Is Up To Date

Royal Credit Union’s online banking requires Members to use a supported browser to access their account information. The minimum browser requirements are published on our online banking access requirements page. As a general rule, most browsers release monthly updates, and the latest updates are the best version to use when visiting sensitive websites like online banking. To make sure you’re using the latest version, check the browser maker’s website for the latest version number, and then compare it to the browser version you currently have.

Many browsers also include a tool to check for updates, but if your computer is old enough it may not be compatible with newer browser versions. This can cause the update checker to show that no updates are available and give you a false sense of security. The tool will correctly say that no updates are available, but that’s because the most recent browser version isn’t supported by your outdated operating system or your older computer.

If you’re unable to update your browser to the most recent version due to the age of your system, you may need to update your device’s operating system (such as Windows or macOS®) and then check to see if you are able to update your browser. If your computer is very old, you may not be able to update your browser at all. In this case, you’ll likely need to get a newer computer that can run newer browser versions, and you should stop using your old computer to access secure websites like online banking.

Royal Credit Union is not able to provide update advice or instructions for the many different types of computers, operating systems, and browsers that our Members may use. We also cannot give specific guidance about purchasing newer devices. We recommend that you consult with a trusted friend, security-minded family member, or knowledgeable computer store if you need help with a specific situation.

The Risks Of Using An Old Browser

By continuing to use a browser that doesn’t meet Royal’s online banking access requirements, you may be putting your security at risk. In the ever-changing world of online security, it’s important to do your part to keep your information secure. Using an unsupported web browser for online banking might still work, but Royal cannot ensure that your information remains protected on your end. Some features and functions of online banking may also not work as expected with unsupported browsers, and Royal is only able to offer limited technical support in these situations.

Like all financial institutions, Royal Credit Union takes extensive measures to safeguard our Members’ financial data and personal information. To maintain a secure connection to our online banking platform, we require Members to use an up-to-date browser. Internet browsers require periodic updates to receive new fixes for security threats and vulnerabilities. By taking a few minutes to check that your browser is up to date, you may be able to avoid future security problems. Keeping your browser up to date will help you enjoy the convenience of online banking safely and securely.

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