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Statement Help

How Do I Opt In To Electronic Statements?

For Royal savings, checking, and loan accounts:

  1. In online banking, choose Statements & Info from the top menu and then select Preferences from the sub-menu. Or, in the mobile app, choose More, then Statements & Info, then the hamburger menu, then Preferences.
  2. Read the information, make sure your email is correct, and check the Agreement box indicating you do not wish to receive paper communications. If you would like to receive disclosures and tax documents electronically, also check the box for Tax ID Selection. You may opt in or out of electronic statements for individual accounts by using the account selector options. Then select Save to save your preferences.

For Royal personal credit cards:

  1. From the Credit Card Access option of online banking or our mobile app, select the Services menu item, then choose Statement Delivery. Read the information, confirm your email and check the box, then choose Continue.
  2. To verify your ability to view PDF files, you will need to open a sample PDF containing a verification code. Enter the verification code when prompted to complete enrollment.

For Royal business credit cards, please contact us.

For all accounts, you may return to paper statements at any time by updating the above preferences.

Where Are My Electronic Statements?

Once you enroll in electronic statements for Royal savings, checking, and loan accounts, you can access them from the Statements & Info tab of online banking or the Statements & Info option in the More tab of the mobile app. Just click on the account name to open a PDF version of your statement.

For Royal personal credit cards, choose the Credit Cards menu option from online banking. On the credit card screen, select Account History from the left menu, and then choose a statement date to view a summary. You may also view and download a PDF version of your credit card statement using the View PDF Statement link.

When Will I Receive My Statement?

Electronic statements are available in online banking or the mobile app on the first of the month. Paper statements are mailed by the fifth business day of the month. We encourage everyone to switch to electronic statements to get access to their statement faster.

Where Are My Checking Account Statements?

Checking account statements can be found within the statements for your Primary Base Savings account. In online banking or our mobile app, choose your Primary Base Savings account statement to see your checking account statement information.

Where Is My Tax Information?

For help finding your year-end tax information, please see our Tax Documents article.