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FUSE - Future US Entrepreneurs®

This unique experience gives young entrepreneurs the opportunity to work with mentors and create their own business!

Royal Credit Union’s FUSE - Future US Entrepreneur® program was developed by the financial education and business lending teams as a way for middle school students to get real-world business experience.

  • Four weeks of classroom sessions help students learn what it takes to build a business from the ground up.
  • Students work with a Royal mentor to develop their own ideas for a small business.
  • The students then submit a business plan and present their idea to a panel of judges and audience.

Prizes are awarded to the top-performing students. The program concludes with a follow-up session that includes feedback on proposals, presentations, and future planning.

The FUSE program started in 2015 and was piloted at DeLong Middle School. The program was awarded a 2015 Wisconsin Governor’s Award for Financial Literacy!