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School Sense

Our 29 in-school credit union locations make up our School $ense program and give kids hands-on financial experience and education

All About School $ense

School $ense is our signature financial education program that operates 29 student-run credit union locations in grade schools, middle schools, and high schools throughout Royal’s footprint.

By The Numbers

School $ense got started in 1993, meaning we have had student-run credit union locations for over 25 years! On average, School $ense students save more than $575,000 and make almost 15,000 transactions each school year. As an added incentive to help our elementary schools, for every 500 student deposits made, Royal donates $250 to their school.

Elementary School Programs

Our elementary sites are staffed by fourth and fifth graders. These young students complete a job application and go through an interview and training process where they learn about Royal's computer system, confidentiality, Member service, marketing, and more. Elementary school sites are open once a week, usually in the morning or over lunch, so students and faculty can transact on their accounts. For every fourth deposit made, elementary students receive a prize. There are three levels of prizes to encourage the students to continue to save for a larger prize.

Middle School Programs

The middle school sites are run by sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. These student team members help students and faculty with transactions, and are also involved in the design and creation of in-school marketing materials. Students at the middle school level earn small giveaways with each deposit they make.



High School Programs

High school team members are hired from the Business Youth Apprenticeship and Financial Youth Apprenticeship programs. Our high school locations offer many of the same services that are available at our regular locations, and student team members may also work as tellers at our other Royal Credit Union locations. 


Learn more about high school locations:

Please see a full list of our School $ense partner schools here.

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