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Paying for school expenses or tuition, making home improvements, consolidating your debt, buying a computer— there are times when a loan becomes a necessity. We offer a variety of personal loans with attractive rates and terms. Applying is easy, and decisions are quick. Plus, you have someone local to explain your options and answer questions.

RCU Personal Line of Credit*

This unsecured line of credit gives you convenient access to extra cash whenever you need it for purchases, expenses, or consolidating other debt.

  • Open your Personal Line of Credit for $5,000 or more
  • Draw available funds as you need them
  • Access your line of credit easily
    — Use online banking or business online banking to transfer to funds to your savings or checking account
    — Call CompuTeller to transfer funds to your savings or checking account
    — Ask a teller for an advance

RCU Personal Loan

Use this unsecured personal loan when you need a fixed amount of cash at one time. Choose from a variety of terms and repay in fixed monthly payments.

Equity Vehicle Loan

Use the equity in your personal vehicle as collateral and borrow at a lower rate. Choose from a variety of terms, with rates based on the model year of your vehicle.

Savings or Certificate Secured Personal Loan

Borrow against your RCU savings account or certificate.


Apply for an unsecured personal loan online.**
Apply for a secured personal loan online.**

* RCU Personal Line of Credit is available to well-qualified borrowers. Variable rate is adjusted monthly based on Prime. Minimum $5,000 borrowed; no minimum draw amount. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is Prime plus a margin, with margin beginning at 4.25%.

** You must be a Member of RCU to complete this application. Join RCU.





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