Debit Cards

Easy money.

Enjoy the convenience of a Royal Credit Union debit card.

Get fast and easy ATM access and the power to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. It's stiff, rectangular and plastic like a credit card, but the amount of your purchase comes right out of your checking account - no finance charges.

Debit Card Benefits

There are two easy-peasy ways to make debit card purchases:

Debit. Enter your PIN and the purchase is deducted immediately from your account. (You can also choose to receive cash back. Super convenient!)
Credit. Select credit and the transaction will be processed just like a check. The funds will be held in your account until the transaction processes.

With a Smart Checking, Smart Checking PLUS, or Smart Start Checking account for personal, or a Royal Advantage or Royal Advantage Plus for business:

  • FREE instant issue for consumer debit card in office
  • FREE ATM withdrawals*
  • Apple PayTM compatible****
  • Google PayTM compatible*****
  • Samsung PayTM compatible******
  • You'll can enjoy peace-of-mind with Debit Card Coverage.
  • Every time you use your Royal debit card, $0.02 goes to the RCU Foundation to support organizations in our communities.  Learn more here.
Important Numbers
Important Numbers


Call Member Service:

Mon.-Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday 8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.

After hours, call:

ATM/Debit Cards:

Credit Cards:




833-231-6514 ​

Get informed on how you can minimize the risk of identity theft, what steps to take if you think your information has been stolen, and much more.

HAVE A DISPUTE? Here's the form. Once you fill it out, you can bring it to any office, mail it to us,  fax to 715-552-3030, or email to

Super Security
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A Royal Credit Union debit card is more secure than cash or checks because the money passes through fewer hands and is transferred electronically. Your card is also monitored to prevent fraud, and your online purchases may be protected with Verified by Visa.

Verified by Visa offers online protection of your Royal debit card. The first time you use your card through the Visa network for a purchase over the Internet at a participating merchant, you will be prompted to create a unique password. This password will help verify your identity during future Internet purchases at participating vendors.

Get Cash!
Get Cash

Your debit card does double duty as an ATM card. A few things to know:

  • You can receive surcharge-free transactions at all Royal ATMs, ATMs displaying the Alliance One logo, and ATMs that are part of the Co-op Financial Services ATM network. Search for an ATM.
  • You can also make a deposit at any PULSE or Co-op Network if it is a depository ATM.*
Traveling Soon?
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Are you traveling soon?  Please notify us of your travel plans at least one business day prior to leaving.  You can notify us by calling Member Service, visiting an office, or within Additional Services in Online Banking.

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ATM locations
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Receive surcharge-free transactions at all Royal, Alliance One, or Co-op Network ATMs. You can also make deposits at any PULSE or Co-op depository ATM******

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The Fine Print
Fine Print

* Non-Royal ATMs may impose a surcharge.

**This is applicable only if the ATM owner accepts non-customer deposits.

*** Royal is not responsible for the accuracy of the ATM information found on ATM locator websites.

****Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other Countries. Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc.

*****Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.​

******Available on Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note5 and other  select Samsung devices, most major carriers and supported cards. See for complete  list and contact your bank or financial institution to verify supported cards.