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Life will throw a lot at you, both good and bad. When times are good, a loan can make your life even better. During the challenging times, the right Royal Credit Union loan can get your life back on track.

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A credit card is a significant step toward reaching your financial goals. If you manage it well, you can use it to build up your credit rating. That opens the door to a lot of amazing possibilities. Learn More

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We're proud to be the top mortgage loan lender in the Chippewa Valley, and we're growing in the St. Croix Valley and in Minnesota.  Learn More

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Thank you for choosing Royal Credit Union for your construction loan. We are committed to make the loan process simple and easy for you and your contractor.  Learn More

Home Equity Loans

If you’re considering a big purchase like a home improvement project, it might be a good time to check out this option with us. Learn More

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Coupe? Crossover? Minivan? Navigate your story in a vehicle that reflects who you are - with a vehicle loan from Royal Credit Union. Learn More

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Ready to ride a motorcycle or ATV, take a cruise on a boat or jet ski? Want to go camping in an RV?  Learn More

Royal Credit Union | Kwik Cash

Kwik Cash overdraft protection is a line of credit that automatically transfers money to your checking account if the balance goes below zero. Learn More

Personal Loans

Everyone has different goals. That’s why we offer a bunch of different loan options to choose from. Whatever your dream, we can get you a loan to help make it a reality. Learn More

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College on the brain? If you've exhausted your government student loan options but you're still a little short, we may be able to help. If you're looking to consolidate existing loans, we can help with that, too. Learn More

Student Loans | Grad Cap

Consolidate your federal and private loans into one simple loan payment with a Royal Credit Union loan. Learn More

Royal Credit Union | Loan Consolidation

Feeling a little overwhelmed with bills? We'll gather all your outstanding credit balances into one easy-to-manage loan that you can pay off at one of our highly competitive interest rates. Learn More

Commission Advance

Your sales are on the books - but sometimes, it's tough to wait. We can help.   Learn More

Royal Credit Union | Prepaid Visa

Do all your gift shopping at Royal Credit Union - prepaid Visas® are always a hit. Learn More

Royal Credit Union | Mortgage Assistance

If you are experiencing difficulties making your mortgage payments, you have options. Learn More