Found money

Fund what you need with low rates and flexible terms.

It’s kinda like when you find quarters in between your couch cushions – except different. Use the equity in your home to make home improvements, purchase a vehicle, consolidate your debt, or take a vacation. Plus, the interest may be tax deductible. (But remember, we aren’t tax advisors, so you should consult yours.) Here are your options:

Home Equity Loans

Open a home equity loan, for any amount, and enjoy!

  • If you have an existing line, we may be able to increase it!
  • No annual or service fees! (May not apply to closing costs.)
  • Access via check, in any of our offices, or via online banking
3-Month Quarterly Adjustable
  • 90% LTV (loan-to-value) with rate set at .25% below Prime; minimum rate of 3.0% APR*
  • Over 90% LTV with rate set at 1.75% above Prime; minimum rate of 5.5% APR*
  • Current Prime Rate: 4.25%
5-Year Adjustable
  • Rate locked in for five years; adjustable rate based on Prime after
  • 90% LTV with rate set at 1.74% above Prime; minimum rate of 4.00% APR*
  • Over 90% LTV with rate set at 4.5% above Prime; minimum rate of 6.50% APR*
  • Up to 100% LTV financing available
The Fine Print

* APR=Annual Percentage Rate. APR may vary. For qualified borrowers only. Rates shown are for up to 70% TLTV for borrowers with 700+ credit score. APR may vary, and the maximum interest rate of 18% may be imposed in a variable-rate plan. Finance changes of $150 may be imposed. Closing costs could range from $150-$350. Manufactured homes and vacant land qualify for 80% financing. All other traditional homes may qualify for 100% financing. Certain exceptions may apply. Rates current as of 10/3/17. Last changed on 10/2/17.

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