Multi-purpose money

Personal loans and lines of credit can help you get what you need.

A new deck, a new tablet, a year’s supply of ramen for your student (or yourself) - there are times when you’re a little short on funds for what you need. That’s where a personal loan or line of credit can come in handy.

Royal’s Personal Line of Credit*
  • No collateral needed
  • Withdraw as you go, as you need to
  • Easy access – use our online services, CompuTeller, or an in-person teller
  • Open it up for $5,000 or more
Royal’s Personal Loan
  • No collateral needed
  • Fixed amount, one-time loan
  • Terms to suit your needs
Savings- or Certificate-Secured Personal Loan
  • Borrow against your Royal Credit Union savings account or certificate
  • Terms to suit your needs
Equity Vehicle Loan
  • Use your vehicle’s equity as collateral
  • Borrow at a lower rate, based on your vehicle’s model year
  • Terms to suit your needs
The Fine Print

* Royal Credit Union's Personal Line of Credit is available to well-qualified borrowers. Variable rate is adjusted monthly based on Prime. Minimum $5,000 borrowed; no minimum draw amount. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is Prime plus a margin, with margin beginning at 4.25%.

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