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$0.01 - $999.99
Dividend Rate: 0.40%
APY: 0.40%

$1,000 - $4,999.99
Dividend Rate: 0.50%
APY: 0.50%

$5,000 - $9,999.99
Dividend Rate: 0.55%
APY: 0.55%

$10,000 or More
Dividend Rate: 0.60%
APY: 0.60%



1 Year: Invest $1,000 or more
Dividend Fixed Rate: 1.05%
APY: 1.06%

APY=Annual Percentage Yield
Rates current as of 2016-02-12
Last changed on 2015-12-18
The above rates are subject to change at any time without notice. Rate may change after opening account. Fees could reduce earnings on account. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal.



Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are designed to cover individual and family
medical expenses.

Some great reasons to open an HSA include:

Tax Savings— Deduct the money you contribute to your HSA from your income on your federal taxes. If your employer contributes, it is done pre-tax. Consult your tax advisor for more detailed information about the tax benefits of an HSA.

Earned Dividend— Earn tax-deferred dividends on tiered balances. Plus you can invest funds in a Fixed Rate HSA for higher return.

Extra Savings— Save any unused contributions. With an HSA, the balance carries over from year to year.

Portable— Take your HSA with you when you change jobs or move. Even if your employer contributes to your account, the money you accumulate in your HSA is yours.

Easy to Use— Use your HSA just like a checking account. Write checks
or use your RCU HSA Check Card at your doctor's office, pharmacy, or anywhere else you make medical payments or purchases. The account
must be a single account, but a named power-of-attorney can also access
the account.

Visit the IRS website on Health Savings Accounts.

Accessing Your HSA at RCU

RCU will provide your first 50 checks free. These RCU standard blue checks will include Health Savings Account printed above the signature line to make it easy to differentiate between your HSA account and another RCU checking account.

You will also receive a FREE RCU Check Card with Health Savings Account added to the name section to help you identify the card. You may withdraw funds directly from your HSA using an ATM, but you will not be able to make deposits through an ATM.

We also offer free CompuTeller, online banking and Bill Pay services to Members with a Health Savings Account. Transfers can be made through CompuTeller and online banking. Transfers made online will register under the current year.

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