School $ense

The future starts with School $ense

We're adding money management to the curriculum.

Let's be honest: your children won't need to remember everything they learn in school; but no matter where life takes them, we're sure you'll agree that solid money management skills are a definite must. Today, we operate 29 School $ense branches in grade schools and high schools.


Can we really expect kids to get excited about saving money? Well, surprise! The answer is a resounding YES! Kids are saving a bunch of money with School $ense. Last year alone, students saved $580,000 dollars with over 16,000 deposits.

A growing savings account isn't the only benefit – for every 500 deposits that students make, we donate $250 to their school.

School $ense also gives students the chance to work for us! Students hired by School $ense will pick up valuable skills in finance, member service, and computers. They’ll also gain real job experience that looks fantastic on a college application.