School $ense: Celebrating 25 years

The right financial path, right out of the gate

29 School $ense sites, and counting.

25th Anniversary

We launched our first School $ense location in 1993. (Seems like a long time ago - in fact, one of our team members just shared a story about how she was recently invited to one of her elementary School $ense workers' graduation party.) We've since grown to 29 elementary, middle and high school sites in Wisconsin and Minnesota. These sites function like mini-Royal Credit Union branches, staffed by students for students. We're proud to be able to help kids get their financial life started on the right path, right out of the gate - because it's never too early for them to learn sound financial habits.

Last year alone, students saved $580,000 dollars with over 16,000 transactions! A growing savings account isn't the only benefit – for every 500 deposits that students make, we donate $250 to their school. A double win!

We continue to invest in our growing program and celebrated 25 years in 2018. We are excited to serve more and more students in our community. Recently, we gave our North High School site a cool makeover!

Elementary School Programs

Every school year, we hire 4th and 5th graders to work at our school site branches. They apply and do a full interview just like big folks, and complete a training program to learn the computer system, confidentiality, Member service, marketing, and much more! The school site is open once a week (some in the mornings, others over the lunch hour) so students and faculty can make deposits into their Royal Credit Union account. For every fourth deposit they make, they receive a cool prize!

For every 500 deposits made at our school site, the school receives $250 from Royal. It's a great fundraiser for the school, and the students become great savers.

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Middle School Programs

The middle school sites are staffed by 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Student team members perform deposits and withdrawals for students and faculty. They are also involved in the design and creation of in-school marketing materials - FUN! Students earn rewards for accumulated deposits, and the school receives donations based on the number of deposits made.

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High School Programs

Team members are hired from the Business Youth Apprenticeship and Financial Youth Apprenticeship programs. This is the perfect job for students involved in other school activities.

Open for both students and faculty, the high school sites offer most of the same services as any other Royal location. High school site team members also work as tellers at our other locations.


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