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Help Prevent Identity Theft

There’s only one you – and we’re working hard to keep it that way. Here are our top tips to fight identity theft

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Royal Credit Union is committed to safeguarding your personal information. We use extensive internal controls and data security systems to make sure that your data is safe with us.

Even though we take steps to protect your information, there are plenty of other ways for it to get into the wrong hands. We have the appropriate controls in place to secure your personally identifying information, but it’s also important to follow a few best practices on your end to help prevent identity theft.

Here are some easy ways to deter identity thieves:

  • Stop mail fraud by sending outgoing mail from a post office instead of your own mailbox
  • Shred your junk mail, especially items like preapproved applications for credit cards
  • Do not give out personal information to unknown third parties, especially to someone you were not expecting to contact you
  • Never reveal your online banking username or password to anyone
  • Never share or write down your PIN
  • Check your account transactions often using online banking, our mobile app, or review your statements to spot unusual activity
  • Review your credit report at least annually
  • Keep only the cards and IDs you really need in your wallet in case you lose it
  • Dip your EMV-enabled payment card at point-of-sale terminals or use digital wallets when possible for added security
  • Shred outdated tax papers, statements, and other documents, or bring them to a Royal Credit Union Shred Day event for secure disposal


Tips For Avoiding Imposter Scams From Royal Credit Union

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