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Security Basics For Everyone

We take security seriously. We do everything we can to stop attempts to swipe your personal information and account data, both at our physical locations and within our digital applications. This is why we send you a security code if you log in to online banking from a device we don’t recognize. This is why we won’t discuss your account information with anyone but you or someone you authorize. And this is also why we work hard to detect account activity outside your normal patterns and flag it as fraud.

But even the most sophisticated security systems still rely on our Members and team members to maintain their integrity. Unscrupulous hacking or phishing attacks can trick even savvy people into revealing personal information, and malicious skimming setups can swipe card data without you ever realizing it was compromised. That’s why it’s important to know that if anything bad happens, we’re here for you, and we’re on your side. Please contact us if you ever have any concerns about fraudulent activity on your accounts.

Here are some of the most important security tips that can apply to anyone:

  • Use a unique, strong password for every account. Don't use the same password for different systems. Manage your passwords using a good password manager.
  • Use multi-factor authentication where you can. Turning on multi-factor authentication for services like email and social media are an excellent way to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.
  • Keep your systems up to date. Don't ignore software or operating system updates, and make sure your phone apps are updated. Updates often contain important security fixes.
  • Control your physical devices. Just like you wouldn't leave your car unlocked while you're shopping, you shouldn't leave your computer or phone unlocked when you're not using it. Be aware of your physical surroundings. Besides the threat of having your device stolen, watch out for people looking over your shoulder while you're entering a password or payment card number.
  • Report suspicious activity or suspected fraud. You can call 800-341-9911 to report suspicious activity or suspected fraud on your Royal Credit Union accounts.

We’ve put together some additional resources on important topics in this area below.

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