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View RCU's low service fees.



An easy, worry-free way to shop online using your RCU Check Card or RCU Platinum Rewards Visa. Learn more.


Business Credit Cards

Manage your expenses with an RCU Commercial Rewards Visa. It allows you to handle business expenses separately and set individual spending limits for each employee cardholder.

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Important numbers

Lost or Stolen Card
Immediately call
1-866-839-3485 to report
a lost or stolen card

Replacement Card
If your card is damaged in use, call RCU Cardholder Services: 1-800-853-0872

Disputed Transaction
Initiate paperwork for a disputed transaction through your online credit card account access; log on by using online banking or business online banking and select your credit card account


ScoreCard™ Rewards

Reward yourself with travel, gifts, gadgets, RCU Prepaid Visa, and more!

Get Started:
Setup up your username and password.

Browse ScoreCard™ rewards catalog.

Redeem Bonus Points:
Redeem points online.
Call 1-800-854-0790
Download and print Award Order Form to complete and mail. Get the form.

Book Travel:
Book travel online anytime.
Call the ScoreCard™ Travel Center: 1-800-842-3006


Verified by Visa

Visa offers online protection of your RCU Platinum Rewards Visa. The first time you use your card through the Visa network for a purchase over the Internet at a participating merchant, you will be prompted to create a unique password. This password will help verify your identity during future Internet purchases at participating vendors.

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Make your wallet mobile with Apple Pay™. Learn more.



Take advantage of the security, reliability, and convenience that comes with the Royal Credit Union Platinum Rewards Visa. You'll enjoy features like acceptance at millions of locations, global recognition, and protection from fraudulent purchases.


Take the jump and save!

Pay less with Royal’s rates

When you carry the Royal Credit Union Platinum Rewards Visa, you:

  • Get a low, competitive rate - now just 8.00% APR
  • Pay no annual charge fee
  • Earn rewards for using the card for purchases
  • Pay no fee to transfer balances from another card(s)

Balance transfers are easy

Keep your credit card balance away from high interest rate cards with no balance transfer fees and no annual fee. Royal Credit Union has made it easy to transfer balances online from other credit cards for current Members, now through online banking. Learn how.

Online Services

Pay your Royal Credit Union Platinum Rewards Visa online. Plus, obtain account information, transfer money from your Royal Credit Union (RCU) accounts to your card, schedule payments, view account history, and discontinue paper statements.

Make a Payment

Transfer Funds Online

  • Set up a one-time or recurring transfer from your RCU checking account for a fixed amount
  • Schedule the transfer to take place on or before your payment due date; for example you may prefer to make bi-monthly payments
  • Payments received by 5 PM CT will be credited the same day
  • This option allows you to pay only from an RCU account

Make a Payment Through Your Online Credit Card Account Access

  • Sign on by using online banking or business online banking, choose your credit card account, click Make a Transfer or Make a Payment from the top tool bar to set up a one time payment or recurring payments.
  • Choose to pay either the minimum payment due or statement balance
  • This option allows you to pay from either your RCU account or a non-RCU account
  • Payments received by 4 PM CT will be credited the same day

Mail Your Payment

  • Mail to: RCU Cardholder Services • PO Box 31021 • Tampa FL 33631-3021
  • Allow time for mail delivery to Florida

Other Benefits Include:

  • Earn ScoreCard™ reward points
  • No annual charge
  • Low competitive rate
  • No less than 26-day interest-free grace period
  • Easy application process, approved locally
  • No transaction charges for purchases
  • Make payments online or at any RCU office
  • Several automatic payment options
  • Optional credit insurance protection

Peace of Mind

RCU protects cardholders with sophisticated fraud-fighting tools that proactively predict, monitor, and prevent fraud from occurring.

Learn about the EMV/chip technology used in our credit cards.

Other enhancements include:

  • Travel and emergency assistance services
  • Emergency card disbursement
  • Lost or stolen card reporting
  • Auto rental collision damage
  • Warranty manager
  • Purchase security
  • Travel assistance
  • Roadside dispatch service
  • Personal identity theft coverage
  • Online purchase protection with Verified by Visa

Apply for your RCU Platinum Rewards Visa.*
Use the Credit Card Payoff Calculator.


Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases

8.00% APR
This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.

APR for Balance Transfers

Promotional 2.9% APR* rate good on qualified transfer balances until December 2017. After that, the standard variable rate will apply, currently at 8.00% APR.**

APR for Cash Advances

This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.

Penalty APR and When it Applies

If your APRs are increased for this reason, the penalty APR will apply until you make six consecutive minimum payments when due.

1. Make a late payment;
2. Go over your credit limit; or
3. Make a payment that is returned.

How long will the penalty APR apply? This APR may be applied to your account if your account is not current for two months.

Paying Interest

Your due date is at least 26 days after the close of each billing cycle. We will begin charging interest on credit purchases you obtain through the use of your card which have not been paid by the due date shown on the statement on which the transaction is detailed. Cash advance and balance transfer finance charges accrue on the outstanding daily balance from the date of the advance or transfer, through the date paid.

Minimum Interest Charge

If you are charged interest, the charge will be no less than $0.50.

For Credit Card Tips from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Learn more about factors to consider when applying for or using a credit card. Visit the website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


Annual Fees


Transaction Fees

Cash Advances - Either $10.00 or 3% of the amount of each advance, whichever is greater (maximum fee: $75.00)
Foreign Transactions - 2% of each transaction

Penalty Fees

Late Payment - Up to 35.00
Returned Payment -
Up to $35.00

How we will calculate your balance: We use a method called “average daily balance (including new purchases).” See your account agreement for more details.

Billing Rights: Information on your rights to dispute transactions and how to exercise those rights is provided in your account agreement.

How we will calculate your variable APRs: We calculate variable APRs by adding a margin to the highest U.S. Prime Rate published in the Money Rates section of the Wall Street Journal two business days (not weekend or federal holidays) before the closing date shown on your billing statement. The APR may increase or decrease each month if the Prime Rate changes. Any new rate will be applied as of the first day of your billing cycle during which the Prime Rate has changed. If the APR increases, you will pay a higher interest charge and may pay a higher minimum payment. The Prime Rate is simply a reference index and is not the lowest interest rate available. If the Wall Street Journal stops publishing the Prime Rate, we will select a similar reference rate.

Prime Rate: Variable APRs are based on the 3.25% Prime Rate as 2011-02-21.

Credit Card Security Tips:

  • Treat your card like cash; keep it in a secure location
  • Don’t lend your card or account number to anyone
  • Protect your PIN and keep that number separate from your card
  • Audit your sales receipts against your monthly statement and shred before discarding
  • Review monthly statements for accuracy and/or suspicious charges; contact RCU Cardholder Services immediately with any questions
  • Be wary of phone and online solicitations; never give account or personal information to anyone who has called or emailed you for that data
  • Notify RCU if you plan to travel and use your credit card outside of the United States

Read more security news.

* You must be a Member of RCU to complete this application. Join RCU.

This information is valid only for consumer RCU Platinum Rewards Visa cards.
View full disclosure.

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