It doesn't get more convenient than this

Your very own credit union location in your hot little hand.

No need to battle traffic or the weather (or both) to have access to your money. Online banking allows you to do practically everything you would do in any of our locations from the comfort of your couch. Or kitchen. Or wherever. And whenever!

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We've put together a few FAQs and solutions to common issues here.


What's so great about it? Here's a starter list:

Security: The safety and security of your information is our top priority. We use leading industry technology to safeguard your accounts and protect the integrity of your transactions.

New User? Don't worry - it's pretty simple. Our system is fabulously free, and extremely easy to use. With our intuitive dashboard, you'll enjoy a wealth (see what we did there?) of information and easy navigation. Check your balances, research transactions, move money around, set up alerts--all in a few clicks. Take a peek!

Bill Pay: Stay on top of your expenses (and save some stamps) with this free service. Get all the details here!

Pay Royal Loan from a non-Royal Account Online: You can pay your loans (excluding credit cards) with funds located at a financial outside of Royal. See all the details, including step-by-step instructions here

Money Management: It's free, it's easy, and it's a terrific way to manage your finances within Online Banking! With this tool you can manage a budget, categorize your spending, set limits, and much more. 

Popmoney: Completely secure feature that allows you to Pay Other People - even if they aren't Members of Royal Credit Union (though, you know, they really should be, but that's a separate issue). Here's a video peek.

Funds Transfer: Within online banking, transferring money to an account at another financial institution is fast and simple. (Though, really, how come you aren't doing all your business with us? Maybe you should check out our rates on deposit accounts and see if you can do better at Royal!)

Mobile/Tablet Access: Our mobile apps are streamlined and intuitive - plus, you can make a deposit with the click of a camera.

Travel Memos: Traveling outside of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and your regular spending area? Let us know so we can protect your ATM, debit, and credit cards. Enter these "travel memos" anytime, anywhere through online banking.

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